Next meeting will be at 4pm on the 4th Floor of the Science building on Wednesday November 18th.

Now also found on facebook as
UNCG Chemistry and Biochemistry club

Also contactable at the email address: uncgchemistryclub@gmail.com


Mission Statement

In the chemistry/biochemistry club, we hope to…

...provide students with a supportive environment for discussion of chemistry and its influence on society

...educate students on research conducted by faculty from the chemistry and biochemistry departments at UNCG   

...inform students about the various opportunities for research

...promote community outreach through service and leadership

...develop close relationships with other students who share similar passion for chemistry and science

...present students with alternative access to academic and  tutoring assistance

...stimulate interest in chemistry and the sciences

Random Chemistry facts

The only letter that does not appear on the periodic table is the letter J!
*If you have any interesting chemistry facts that you want to share, feel free to email us.

Can you name this chemical?

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