Fundraiser: Soak Your Professor!

Donate money this Semester to have your favorite professor soaked. The professor who raised the most money will be soaked underneath a safety shower for public viewing.  The proceeds will go to the charity organizations selected by the professor who raises the most money.

The list of this year's participants will be posted soon after the Chemistry Club meeting on November 18th.

Past Events:

Soak your professor events of Fall 2008 and Spring 2009

Each semester professors of the chemistry department get involved with help raising money for the charity of their choice. The name of the game is for a professor to raise the most money and all the proceeds raised by the event goes to their charity. The thing is if they win, they must get totally soaked under a laboratory safety shower.

The winner in Fall of 2008 was Dr. Banks with the proceeds going to Potters house.

Dr. Bruce Banks, winner of Fall 2008 Soak your Prof

Dr. Banks was the first winner of the Soak your professor funraiser. He raised money for the charity of the Potter's house. This semester Mr. Gil Reitz came in a close second.

Shelby Gresham, winner of Spring 2009 Soak your Prof

Shelby Gresham raised the most money in 2009, making her campaigning to get soaked worth it and take the win over Dr. Banks who was a close second. She raised a record 150 dollars for her cause of Saint Baldricks in the two days money was collected.

North Carolina Science Olympiad Regionals

Members of the Chemistry, Physics and Biology Department help out in this yearly competition of multiple science events participated in by NC middle and high school students. The UNCG chemistry and UNCG biology club members also help out with the events from helping set up to taking scores of various events. The Regionals usually commence in February and last all day.

Mole Day and Chemistry Week

When: The week of October 23rd
During that week, members of the club help out Dr. Walsh in Chemistry demonstrations for the girl scouts. The experiments include one's named magic genie and elephant toothpaste to one's involving dry ice, liquid nitrogen and producing chemiluminescence with luminol. The main idea is to spread the love of science with the kids and parents alike.

Chemistry Seminar every Friday at 1pm

Every friday at 1 there is a Chemistry Seminar with different speakers each week from different concentrations in the field of chemistry. For those that are chemistry majors, you will have to audit this and present in Seminar your senior year, but no matter who you are, you can come and learn about some fascinating research in the field from the experts by coming.